TIMTOS 2021 - Taipei International Machine Tool Show

TIMTOS 2021 Show NameTaipei International Machine Tool Show 2021
TIMTOS 2021 DatesMon, Mar 15, 2021 – Sat, Mar 20, 2021
TIMTOS 2021 VenueTaipei World Trade Center
TIMTOS 2021 CityTaipei, Taiwan

The 28th Taipei International Machine Tool Show

TIMTOS is a biennial exhibition held in Taiwan. This exhibition has become the focus of international buyers.

Taiwan is currently the world's fourth largest machine tool manufacturer. The machine tool industry is a key element of the machinery industry. This year's exhibition will focus on purchasing high-quality "Made in Taiwan" machine tools and overall solutions for the machine tool industry.

TIMTOS 2021 Exhibition Highlights

TIMTOS is an important platform for domestic and foreign companies to showcase their latest products and a springboard to assist manufacturers in expanding their business to Asian and global markets. Most machine tool companies from home and abroad will participate in the TIMTOS 2021 exhibition.

Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) Profile:
- Laser Punching Machines
- Controllers & Control Systems
- Measuring, Measuring Instrument, Software, Design Engineering
- Metal Forming Machinery, Casting and Forging
- Metal Cutting Machine Tools
- Metal Forming Machinery
- Welding, Vibration Grinding, Surface Treatment Equipment
- Tube & Wire Processing
- Machine Tool Parts/ Accessories Tools
- Industrial Robots

TIMTOS Show Review

TIMTOS was highlight Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing’ and ‘AI Technology’ by showcasing digitalized solutions that integrate machine tools, industrial robots, sensors, IoT, big data analysis, machine learning and AI technology to help manufacturers achieve ‘human-machine collaboration’ and make automated production lines more efficient and resilient.

You’ll find solutions to provide the best for your business, your customers, your employees, and even for your family.


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